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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Siren's Day Off, 24 x 30 Oil Painting, figurative, woman at beach, sailboat, figure painting, ocean

The Siren's Day Off
, Oil on Canvas, 24" x 30" $1200 SOLD to a collector in Vermont

Happily I've returned to painting after the stuff of life forced me to put my art aside. I'm quite pleased with this one as I can see I have a better understanding of anatomy. I love the voluptuousness of the body, and the twists and angles of the pose. When starting a painting, I always find the pose first, then create a story to support it. It seemed a fun idea to show a mythological Siren on a day off, not at her weekday work of luring sailors into the rocks. Lucky fellows sailing by!


Bruce Docker said...

She is amazing, she's a power and presence that inspires. Definitely a siren. The seascape in the background could be a painting of its own. Beautiful.

Last Cup Of Coffee said...

welcome back! missed your fantastic work! myra 'jane'.

Linny D. Vine said...

Marie, she is truly a beauty and, day off or not, she will always draw attention - not just from her sailors either! (Good to see you back and may all continue to stay on an even keel in your world.)

Josefin said...

I stumbled onto this blog while randomly googling art, and I absolutely fell in love with all of your beautiful women! I love your use of colour and the way you angle the bodies to tell a story of their own.

Dina said...

I assume you probably get a lot of fan mail and this is another one of those! I chanced up on your work by accident while browsing through google images. I loved it! Both the choice of subject and composition. I m looking forward to seeing your new stuff.

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