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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Invitation, figurative painting, woman, figure study, dancer, contemporary figure painting, women painting women,figurative artist

The Invitation, 24" x 36", acrylic on canvas,
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I used the same model as for the earlier "The Mirror" painting because I love the twists of the pose. This time she's full-length and larger overall. At first, the dress was short but when I lengthened it and added a black border, making it more elegant, a story emerged. She seemed to be preparing for a special occasion. I added a red flower for her hair, to bring the red of the floor up close to her face. With this, I knew she'd need an invitation to go dancing - perhaps somewhere in Spain. I really like this painting because I didn't go too far with the details. It has a slightly unfinished look that I find pleasing.

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Figurative painting, contemporary figure painter, women art, Marie Fox, figuration

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