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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Figure lying down, drawing, pencil on paper

Figure drawing, pencil on paper, 11 x 14
SOLD to a collector in North Carolina

Thus far in my figure drawing class, I've been drawing by observation, rather than by knowledge of anatomy. Eventually, I'd like the anatomical structure of the body to inform my drawings, along with observation of what's on the surface. To that end, I've been studying from a set of CD's called "The Structure of Man - Learn to draw the human figure from your mind". The author, Riven Phoenix, approaches drawing of the human form as an imaginative exercise, as if the artist is inventing the figure from scratch. His is a novel approach which I hope will improve my understanding of the human figure.


Andrew said...

Interesting comments about the balance between drawing based on observation and knowledge of anatomy. I think the anatomy study makes you aware of things which improves observation.

Marie Fox said...

I agree, Andrew. Marie

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