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Friday, November 12, 2010

Art High in The Sistine Chapel, study Michelangelo, figurative painting, woman, women artists, the figure, contemporary figurative artists

Art High in the Sisine Chapel, 30" X 24", oil on canvas
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Yes, this is about being intoxicated by an up close view of Michelangelo's exquisite fresco. An art history enthusiast has climbed precariously high on her ladder to check out a Renaissance guy and his family at home in a lunette on the Sistine ceiling.  ~  I started this painting last year but could not complete it. The scene was painted but I could not get the girl to come to life. A few weeks ago, I began again. I painted her bigger and curvier to balance the intricacies of the fresco figures. I love the colors here - of the reds against the grays. And it was a true treat to learn from the Master by copying his fresco.


VickiRossArt said...

Great painting, Marie! I love the concept...

Melissa Mead said...

This is a truly intoxicating painting Marie. Wow...I can't believe you have been so patient waiting for this to come out of you! I am so excited I check nearly everyday for a new painting! You are wonderful!

shirley fachilla said...

Of course, you would love Michangelo, a sculptor who was a painter. Your wonderfully sculpted women have so many things in common with his strong and solid figures.
Wonderful painting.

Anonymous said...

Nice gal with great hips. Nice blog. Have you abandoned your site? You might enjoy my figurative artists directory http://www.figurativeartist.org/. Lots of other inspiring artists and craftsmen who share your love of the human form. Happy New Year!

Shirley Peters said...

Hi Marie, I love this painting. It is very similar in subject to my "Basilica" paintings... I have a naked woman standing in front of statue of Pope Gregory at the Sistine Chapel. Inappropriately dressed women! And the chance to paint a master's work and make it your own. Wonderful stuff.

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