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Friday, January 10, 2014

Figurative painting of woman by sea, open window, female figuration, contemporary figure painter, face of woman

Woman by Open Window, Acrylic on Stretched Canvas, 12" x 12"
Study for larger painting. $350 plus $15 shipping in US
International shipping available  SOLD
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There's something about the angles of the arms, the open window and pensive expression that pleases me and makes me want to explore the image in a larger size.


~N~ said...

Hello Marie,

I've just discovered your work and I absolutely love this piece.

So many artworks and images of women are hyperbolic, and there is somehow always cast of shame in the extreme.

I love that she is focused on something that maybe makes her a little sad, but she's not crushed by it. I like that her arms are crossed in a simple posture of relaxed self-comfort as she considers whatever is on her mind. The darkness of the room, the way she fills most of the view...that's exactly how I feel when I go inside my own head, which I probably do too much.

The sea through the small, deep window is steady reminder that she can get back to the world whenever she's done...the blue in her eyes shows us her connection to it.

And overall, I just really enjoy your color palette sensual but not sexualized representation of a woman in contemplative repose.

OK I've probably just told you more about myself than the artwork, so then I guess it has done it's job :)

Please let me know if you decide to offer it for sale, or if you plan to offer prints of it...I probably wouldn't be able to afford a larger original work, though I wish I could.

If not, then I'll just thank you for sharing it.

Marie Fox said...

Thank you, N, for your personal and inspiring response to my painting. I would like to make this piece available to you but do not know how to contact you. Please write to me at Thank you, Marie

Diane Pena said...

I agree with Melissa...beautiful work!

Crisynda Buss said...

Oh yes, this is a darling. Her strong hand carrying the weight of her pensive posture.. Lines of support cradle this woman.

Figurative painting, contemporary figure painter, women art, Marie Fox, figuration

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