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Friday, June 15, 2012

Woman in Window, figurative drawing, figure painting, woman, figuration

Woman in Window, 5 1/4" x 6 1/4" image, mixed media on paper
$90 plus $5 shipping in US SOLD to a collector in Maine
Email: marie@mariefox.com (Click image to make larger)

This is the first of some small drawings/paintings on watercolor paper using various media including pencil, ink, pastel and acrylic which has been fixed with acrylic spray varnish. The size is odd because I just started drawing on a slightly bluish paper. This one was really fun.

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Art Maine said...

Woman in Window
a fine work by a fine artist

The woman in the window
drawn with flair and swirls
and patterns, sits,
well composed,
with her voluminous form,
thoughts of cubism
extolling her contented beauty,
looking back at the artist
and those who behold her,
satisfied to be in the artist's
mind as a thought, as a fully
realized color filled sketch,
and forever looking at you,
a woman by a window
in Maine.

Figurative painting, contemporary figure painter, women art, Marie Fox, figuration

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