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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cereal Bowl, Sterliing Silver Spoon & Newspaper: small painting still life kitchen art, home decor

Cereal Bowl, Sterliing Silver Spoon & Newspaper: small painting still life kitchen art, home decor Marie Fox

Cereal Bowl and Newspaper Oil on Canvas, 10" x 8"
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Yesterday I decided to paint something simple. Not a flower or a glass or fruit. Just a spoon in a bowl sitting on a folded newspaper. Nice and simple. Ha! I could not believe how difficult this was to paint. It all started with that ellipse of the bowl. I couldn't get it right. And then there was the newspaper. Phew! Oddly, it was that lovely red square bending around the newspaper fold that kept me pushing onward.


  1. what a clever idea with the newspaper! It's sometimes hard to think of new and different things to paint and you have done a masterly job with this one.

  2. I like it!!! Your bowl has a lot of character! I love the colors too!!

  3. Stunning Marie, this is one of my favorites. Do you ever paint self portraits?

  4. I enjoy your work very much. This piece is particularly sophisticated. The shape and depth of the negative space, the light catching the spoon edge, the perspective you chose, the diagonal lines, the balance of realistic rendering and artful brushwork...all adds up to a beautiful piece.

  5. I can't believe you thought it would be 'simple', but you did a fabulous job with it! You gave it a whole story :)


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