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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Watermelon Slices Oil Painting: fruit, 11 x 14 still life, vintage towel red and green

Watermelon Slices Oil Painting: fruit, 11 x 14 still life, vintage towel red and green Marie Fox

Oil on Linen, 14" x 11" SOLD
$290 plus $7.95 Priority Mail shipping to U.S.
International shipping: please email me
Yesterday at the market, the gorgeously red interior of half a watermelon grabbed my eye. At home I noticed that the color became even more vibrant when I set the fruit slices on this towel of green, blue and bluish-red squares. So off to the studio we all went - to make art.


Just Plain 'Jane' said...

Sooooo beautiful and such eye popping colors! I love the vibrant reds and the pastels of the cloth. Simply beautiful!! Thanks for the 'vitamin'!!

Anonymous said...

Nice piece but really, Marie, can't you find seedless watermelon?

Chris Ousley said...

COOL! As are the lemons below. Colors kickin' on this blog

Vicki Shuck said...

I'm so glad to find your work, Marie! It's exciting to see such color and composition!

Just Plain 'Jane' said...

I thought this painting was beautiful before - your enhancements are even more magnificent!!

Anonymous said...

Tell me please, what made you change your watermelon painting. It was already great but now it is super fantastic. What was your thinking on this?

Marie Fox said...

Interesting question, Jane. I kept looking at the painting and wondering why the melon slices did not attract my eye - as I wanted them to. I realized the background (area below towel & fruit) was too red, too saturated. It seemed to drag the eye down. So I replaced it with a lighter, neutral color and also darkened some of the squares on the periphery of the towel to focus attention on the fruit. Although it's frustrating to see something wrong but not know how to fix it, I do love the fact that my instincts say something is not working. When the "why" pops into my awareness, I'm happy.

Artwork by KD said...

I just want to take a bite out of those watermelon...and I don't even like watermelon!!

About the self portraits, thats actually all I did for a couple years in college. I cherish them now because they are a visual diary of my past. I especially cherish the ones I painted from my semester in Florence, Italy. I hope to start painting self portraits again soon.

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